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What is a Dry Lease?

A dry lease is the lease of an aircraft without fuel or flight crew. The individual or organization leasing the aircraft normally provides fuel and flight crew during its own operations, or obtains these services from an independent third party such as a management or aircraft services company.

In comparison to a commercial flight, the cost to dry lease a private flight may be only a fraction higher than first class airfare on a per person basis. The elite aviation membership allows you to enjoy all the material benefits of exclusive private travel at a fraction of the investment and commitment of owning your own plane.

Exclusive Aviation Membership

Universal Funding Corporation offers exclusive time-saving aviation membership for people based in the Inland Northwest who have numerous travel obligations throughout the United States.

Private Jet Passengers Fly Where They Want, When They Want

Private jet passengers enjoy the freedom of flight on their own terms. They often bring other executives, family members, and pets when they travel. It is the ultimate in convenience, comfort and freedom in traveling.

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How Much Does a Dry Lease Cost?

The cost to dry lease the aircraft is determined by these primary factors:

  • Time on the aircraft which is impacted by your destination. The airstream varies depending on the time of year and the variance of the airstream currents may affect the time and fuel needed for the trip.
  • Fuel consumed which is affected by the number of people, weight of baggage and the distance traveled.
  • Hangar costs which is dependent upon your destination. Each hangar has associated fees.

Your flight crew will work with you to determine your costs in advance of travel. If you make changes to your flight plants, your crew will advise you on the additional related costs.