Private Jet for Business and Leisure

Beyond First Class

Flight plans on private jets are highly customizable, within air-traffic limitations. Working in advance with your flight crew, you can arrange your ideal flight plan. You can make one stop or hit several on your route.

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Dining Options

Private jet flights can be catered by restaurants within driving range of the departure airport. You’ll have selections like sushi, steak, gourmet pizza and burgers, fresh seafood, salads, pasta, vegetarian, organic–whatever you desire.

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Save Time By Flying Private

While private jets may fly a similar speed to commercial aircraft, you often arrive sooner because your route may be more direct. You will save a significant amount of on-ground time with private check-in and minimal tarmac time. Flying a private aircraft provides you ultimate convenience in security and time. You can drive to the tarmac and board the plane directly. There is no baggage weigh-in or X-ray security procedures for you or your luggage.

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About The Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Designed with performance in mind, the Learjet 60XR upholds the fastest and highest flying performance reputation that separates Learjet from its competitors. The 60XR boasts a cabin design that is both elegant and space-efficient making for a flying experience that elevates the private flying experience.


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Mile range


MPH cruising speed


MPH max speed


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FT take-off field length


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